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Our Fave Apps + Tools disclaimer: we may earn a commission on some of the below tools (that helps us support our community), but all of the tools are ones that we use and love! 

Business Operations Tools

With invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, payment processing, and some of the best features for online businesses, Freshbooks is our accounting software of choice.

Sometimes you need a project management app just to manage your project management app! But not with Asana. Easily navigate your projects on desktop and mobile.

No more storing passwords in spreadsheets and scribbles on paper. Securing store, share, and track your passwords with LastPass, including with your clients.

If you're looking for a clean, easy-to-use appointment scheduler, look no further than Acuity. It also perfectly integrates with SquareSpace and many other great apps.

Get your legal contracts and agreements signed ASAP with SignNow. You can also take payments, create workflows directly from the dashboard, and integate your favorite apps.

Where would we be without Dropbox? A lot less organized, we're sure. Get cloud storage, collaborate on documents, recover files, sync with all of your devices to keep your business running smooooth.

Communication Tools

Email be gone! Keep in contact with your team, clients, and partners easily with Slack workspaces and channels. Integrate Slack with your favorite apps to automate processes. 

Say goodbye to inbox madness! With Mixmax, you can book meetings directly from your emails, embed polls and surveys, track emails, schedule outbound emails, and so much more.

Communication and getting your point across can be difficult when working remotely or online. Record your screen, yourself, or both with Loom! Just record and share the generated link.

Have you ever read and re-read an email or document a dozen times and STILL missed a typo or grammatical error? Don't ever be caught again. Grammarly highlights errors so they're never missed.

If you don't know what Zoom is, well, you've probably been hiding under a rock. Conduct meetings, webinars, and conversations either by video, phone, or chat with the world's most used conferencing app.

Hate jumping from app to app? Wish you could keep everything in one place? Well, you can, with Station. Integrate top apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Docs, and many more.

Creative Tools

Whether you know Photoshop or not, Canva is an amazing too for gaining inspiration for creating posts and documents. From social media posts to videos to marketing documents, Canva has you covered.

Need some creative inspiration? Then you need to check out CreativeMarket. The offers are endless, including fonts, stock photos, business templates, stationery, and so much more. Grab their freebies each week! 

It can be super time-consuming to search every single stock photography website out there, one by one, to find what you're looking for. What if there was a way to search them all? Oh, but there is, with Zoommy! 

Video is king, they say, but why slave away learning video editing software when you can just grab Lumen5? Create videos for all types of applications and platforms, quickly and easily.

Ok, this isn't exactly a creative tool, but Buzzsumo definitely helps you to create killer content! See what's being share most, by who and where, to help you to curate and create the best content possible. 

Trying to memorize lines for videos is the worst. Why suffer though when there's PromptSmart? This easy-to-use teleprompter can be used on your phone or tablet, and scrolls as you talk! 

Cool Tools to Check Out

Warning: using Zapier will cause you to become an automation NINJA. Connect and integrate apps to seamlessly automate endless processes in your life and business. Boom.

Want updates on the best tools and apps out there? Want to get on the ground-level and possibly snag lifetime access to apps for free or low-cost.? Grab the Product Hunt app and go down the rabbit hole. 

Yeah, sharing awesome curated links is great, but what if you could send traffic back to you simultaneously? Well, you can, with Sniply. Shorten links and add your own call-to-actions. Try it out. 

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