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The Free Birds Business Mentorship is an incubator program designed to create and transform your digital freelancing into a thriving legitimate business that you can run from anywhere. Throughout the mentorship, you'll learn proven strategies to massively grow your business, find the perfect clients, make more money, create more freedom in your life, and truly love what you do - all by your own design. 

Please note: the mentorship is by invite only.

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Is freelancing right for you?

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Work from anywhere, be it home, a coffee shop, or a tiny island far, far away?

Take time when your soul needs it the most?

Make your own hours to accommodate the things you really love?

Earn an abundant living and not worry about making enough money?

And make a greater impact on your world and the world of others?

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The Guided Program

Month One

Designing Your Freelance Life + Business

Our first month is dedicated to getting full clarity, setting intentions, and developing the mindset to be a successful freelancer. We'll be laying the groundwork that will set you apart from the rest and help you to create a thriving and sustainable business and lifestyle. 

Month Two

Finding + Landing the Perfect Clients

Confidence is the biggest profit prohibitor for freelancers. This month, we'll be overcoming fear and self-doubt to find and land clients who we love (and who love us) with proven strategies and an action plan to close like a boss.

Month Three

Moneh, Moneh, Moneh

Learn how Afton went from making $8 per hour to over $150,000 per year by growing her skills, team, and agency. PLUS, her secrets for asking and getting the money you deserve (without them batting an eyelash), by having the right body language, discussion and email scripts, and creating badass proposals.

Month Four

Keeping Clients Crazy Happy (and Wanting More)

A happy client makes a happy (and profitable) freelancer. This month, we'll be focusing on creating amazing client relationships that last, how to build a team that can support you, how to handle difficult clients, and even how to fire a client yourself (and feel great about it). 

Month Five

Taking it to the Next Level

Efficiently running a freelance business is the difference between being free and stuck. This month, we'll be digging into creating productive operating procedures for your business, investing in your business, creating extra sources of revenue, knowing how + when to build your team, and how to finally go from 9-to-5 to free

Month Six

Intensive Coaching

In our final month, we'll be diving into specific issues that you're dealing with, with intensive coaching sessions and a battle plan to get you to where you want to be. It's all about accountability. No one is left behind. 

Who is the mentorship for?

Freedom-seekers. Hustlers. Adventurers. Those who want to break free from the confines of the 9-to-5 and cultivate their freedom. Those who want to create a life and business by their own design.

If you're considering a career in digital freelancing, or you're excited by the opportunity to work online, then this is the program for you. 

Digital freelance businesses include (but are not limited to)...

  • online business operations (virtual assistants, customer service)
  • graphic design and illustration
  • copywriting and creative writing
  • web design and development
  • digital strategy and consulting
  • social media management and marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • digital advertising
  • branding and art direction
  • product development
  • online business architecture
  • and more

We have women join every week who are excited to dive into digital freelancing, even if they don't have existing skills or experience working online. We all have to start somewhere - and this is where you need to be.

Work From Home, a Coffee Shop, or a Tiny Island Far, Far Away

What results can you expect from the mentorship?


✔ Knowing what you'll do, what services you'll offer, and what you're known for to properly position yourself in the marketplace

✔ Advanced business-building skills to make you stand out as a true professional and help you to grow for years to come

✔ Confidence to really make the money you deserve and land the clients you've always wanted

✔ Increased profits by helping you to correctly price your services, find more profitable clients and projects, and potentially create your own team

What Our Alumni are Saying

Rita V.

Social Media Strategist

"I want to thank you for the way you have moved my life and the lives of the women in the mentorship group. Thank you for pulling me up, reminding me to take time to take care of myself and giving me the confidence to grow my business."

Leslie M.

Digital Strategist, Podcaster

"Afton is an amazing mentor and provides so much value and knowledge. I have learned an incredible amount from her and the amazing community. I would recommend the mentorship to anyone needing clarity in their business to sign up."

Janis M.

Web Developer, Strategist

"As I reflect on the past months and how we've all grown together, I am so thankful. We've been through every season together, laughed, cried, celebrated, restarted. Thank you for your leadership, your love, your example and for guiding and growing with us."


Gain Clarity + Direction

Often times, we don't know what direction to go, so we stay stuck, never realizing our dreams. But what if you could gain valuable mentorship from a like-minded community? That's just what happened to Deanna, giving her clarity on her business, services, and how she's grow for years to come. And the best part? She stayed unstuck.


Make Money (on Repeat)

It's one thing to make money, but it's another thing to gain security. Throughout the mentorship, we work closely to determine how  you can create services and a business that generates recurring revenue, like Cynthia's retainer client. 

Freelancers earn an average of between $65-152K USD (source)


Of those who left a "traditional job", 2 in 3 say they now make more than ever before, either immediately or within 1 year (source)


What's Included

Guided Video Lessons

Access lessons in your own time and re-watch them when you need to. Lessons are accompanied by resources and assignments to keep you on track. 

Group Coaching Calls

Our weekly calls are essential to getting your questions answered, listening to solutions from the group, and being part of an amazing community of freelancers. 

Tools + Templates

Map your success with downloadable planners, client-facing documents, helpful conversation scripts, project tracking sheets, agendas, and more.

One-on-One Calls

Get a one-on-one call with your mentor at the end of your mentorship to discuss your plan of action and setting intentions for the future. 

Slack Community

Access our freelancer Slack workspace to connect with other freelancers and have your questions answered by your mentor in real-time. 

Lifetime Portal Access

All members will have lifetime access to the materials as well as new and updated lessons and resources to help you to continue to grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gain the confidence and direction you need to grow a thriving and lucrative freelance business

Our first Free Birds Mentorship graduate Tahisha Robertson

How much does it cost?

Single Payment

$1,000 USD

payments also available in CAD

  • Lifetime access to all self-guided video lessons
  • Module handouts and worksheets to keep you on-track
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls during your 6-month mentorship
  • One-on-one deep-dive call with Afton ($150 value!)
  • High-value tools, templates, and resources
  • Lifetime Slack access to our community alumni
  • Assigned accountability partners for extra support
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6 Payments

$180 USD

payments also available in CAD

  • Lifetime access to all self-guided video lessons
  • Module handouts and worksheets to keep you on-track
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls during your 6-month mentorship
  • One-on-one deep-dive call with Afton ($150 value!)
  • High-value tools, templates, and resources
  • Lifetime Slack access to our community alumni
  • Assigned accountability partners for extra support
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50 Awesome Digital Freelance Businesses That You Can Start TODAY

Afton Negrea, Freelancer Mentor

Meet Our Founder

Afton has been working in digital marketing for the past decade, helping clients all around the world to have their voice heard online. As a freelancer, she's living the dream. Freedom in every sense; family, travel, and naps, lots of naps. She wants to show you how she's gained the confidence to create a purposeful business that works for her life.

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