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Do you know someone who would love to start digital freelancing? Do you want to inspire women to work on their own terms, from anywhere in the world, making real money? 

The Free Birds Online Mentorship is an incubator program designed to transform the businesses and lives of digital freelancers in 6 months or less. Over the past decade, Afton has grown her business from humble virtual assistant to 6-figure strategist and digital agency. Throughout the mentorship, mentees will learn her proven strategies to massively grow their business through guided video lessons, live coaching, essential freelancer resources, and amazing support from our community of female freelancers.

5 Awesome Insights About Freelancing

1. Freelancers earned an average of between $65-152K in 2018  source

2. Of those who left a traditional job, 2 in 3 say they now make more than ever before (either immediately or within 1 year). source

3. College education is becoming less of a prerequisite for freelancers, with only 56% of people having a college degree source

4. At its current growth rate, the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers by 2027. source

5. Out of those who find work online in digital, 77% of them start a project within one week. source

What You'll Get

  • CHA-CHING! $150 for every confirmed student to the Free Birds Mentorship
  • A FANTASTIC AND ENTICING FREEBIE: You'll get our list of 50 Awesome Freelance Business Ideas download to get them excited and ideas flowing! 
  • GORGEOUS IMAGES: Beautifully designed banner ads, social media images, and more!
  • SWIPE COPY FOR EMAILS, SOCIAL, AND MORE: Grab pre-made copy to create emails, social posts, or use as scripts to get your prospects interested. 
  • ONE-ON-ONE CLARITY CALL WITH AFTON: Before signing up, they'll get a 30-minute clarity call with Afton to understand their blocks, fears, hesitations, and what they have always dreamed their life could be - and if they're the right fit for the mentorship.
  • ACCESS TO OUR AMAZING FREELANCER SUCCESS STORIES: Facts tell, stories sell, they say. Hear real-life stories from the mentorship alumni. 

Make Money and Inspire Amazing Freedom-Seeking Women


Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Birds mentorship is an online program designed to be accessible to freelancers around the world. That means mentees have access to the community and content 24/7. It allows us to touch more lives and serve as many female freelancers as possible while still maintaining amazing connections. 

Freelancers and potential freelancers are everywhere! From those who are already freelancing but aren't getting any traction, to those who are tired of their 9-5 jobs and are looking for more freedom, and even those who are out of work and are looking for options to support themselves and their families. 

The beautiful thing is that freelancing online is amazingly accessible, allowing thousands of people to be gainfully and purposefully self-employed. 

Once you become an affiliate, you'll be provided with helpful tips and resources to find and help freelancers to join the mentorship. 

Although many of our lessons and strategies could be applied to almost all types of freelancing, this mentorship is specifically designed for digital freelancers. 

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Social Media Community Managers
  • Digital + Social Media Strategists
  • Online Business Consultants
  • Online Advertising Experts
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Copywriters
  • Web Developers + Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • SEO/SEM Experts 
  • Data Analysts
  • Online Business Ops
  • And any other business service that can be delivered online

Businesses all around the world are in desperate need of awesome digital talent. 

Great question! Anytime someone uses your unique affiliate link or provides your name as a referrer, you will receive a commission based on their payment tier. Commissions are paid on a monthly basis via PayPal. Payments from payment plan registrants are paid upon final payment.

Affiliates make $150 of each completed sale.

No way! You just have to connect with real people who genuinely would be a great fit for the mentorship and who are looking to build an online freelance business. You'll be amazed by how many people will be interested! 

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